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Time and Attendance / Access Control

Time and Attendance Solutions.

Specialists in Biometric Fingerprint and Facial Devices with customised software solutions.

"Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop working..."
  • Saves time and money!
  • Eliminates fraudulent clocking.
  • Calculates actual worked time.
  • Effectively manages late arrivals and early departures, by replacing normal time with overtime worked in accordance with salary laws.
  • Reduces time spent on salary calculations as the software parameters setup in conjunction with the pay rules of the Client will be automated.
  • Reduces calculation errors by exporting the payroll hours into the Client’s Payroll Software Package. Furthermore, we support all payroll software packages, providing they have an import facility

Vehicle Biometrics

Avazio (Pty) Ltd is the only company in South Africa that has the ability to give your company Wireless Biometric Vehicle Access Control. The Biometric Vehicle Access Controls System is designed to meet or exceed the most rigid requirements for secure vehicles to industrial, military or governmental facilities.

A Biometric reader is used to control the starting process of the vehicle, checking driver licence validity as well as the vehicle licence validly.

The device is an IP66 rating device and can handle industrial environments.

Only employees that is added on the device will be allowed to start the vehicle. 10 Fingerprint / biometrics can be saved on the device for each employee. A RFID tag can also be used to start the vehicle. The tag can be linked to an employee or can be added on the device as an emergency tag.

The emergency tag can be used by the technician that must service or repair the vehicle. Each time the employee starts the vehicle an image is captured with the clock starting record. The clock record can be viewed by using Avazio Unique Time software.


Wi-Fi is the standard way computers connect to wireless networks. Nearly all modern computers have built-in Wi-Fi chips that allows users to find and connect to wireless routers. Most mobile devices, video game systems, and other standalone devices also support Wi-Fi, enabling them to connect to wireless networks as well.

When a device establishes a Wi-Fi connection with a router, it can communicate with the router and other devices on the network. However, the router must be connected to the Internet (via a DSL or cable modem) in order to provide Internet access to connected devices.

Therefore, it is possible to have a Wi-Fi connection, but no Internet access. Since Wi-Fi is a wireless networking standard, any device with a "Wi-Fi Certified"


The most widely known use of CCTV is in security systems. Security guards use CCTV to watch over doors or other points of entry to a building or to observe areas that are vulnerable to break-in or vandalism. The true scope for CCTV applications is almost unlimited. Some other examples are listed below:
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Crime, crowd, and vandalism control
  • Production process control
  • Shoplifting/theft
  • Aerial photography
Every building must meet several basic requirements for systems such as security, fire-life-safety, ventilation, lighting, health, and comfort. Security comes from the need to protect property, content, and personnel.

Examples of security requirements are identification of vehicles entering and exiting a car park, controlling access to sensitive or secured areas, and precautions against terrorist bomb threats, Robberies and burglaries. Security has become a high-profile global issue.

A common objective for the use of CCTV is to reduce specific crimes in specific locations. However, it should be noted that improving the incident monitoring in an area could actually lead to increased reporting of crimes and as a result a higher rate of crime than before the CCTV camera was installed.

In the long term, if incident monitoring and evidential recording is successful and leads to convictions this could lead to a reduction in specific crime(s).


From a security standpoint, turnstiles help to prevent unauthorised access of people and provide a physical barrier that can only be bypassed upon the presentation of valid credentials, usually by means of an integrated access control system such as a biometric scanner or card reader.

Biometrics Lock Boxes

Biometrics is a unique approach to identity management that offers user convenience, increased security, cost-effective provisioning and a no repudiated, compliant audit trail for the system operator.

Traditional credentials or specialized knowledge tokens or passwords cannot guarantee
that the person using the system is the authorized Individual. In addition, these forms of identification can be frustrating for users and expensive for system operators.

Biometrics Lock Boxes helps control the user to get access to a specific box


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