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Avazio Unique Time Software

Avazio Time and Access Software are designed, developed, and maintained by our team. We have an in-house dedicated skill base to support our software installed at our customers. Applications of our offering include the mining, commercial, agricultural, and hospitality sectors of commerce.

Avazio Software intergrades with any Payroll System like SAP and any HR systems that provides an SDK for integration between software.


The following options are available to upload data to a payroll system:

  1. Automatically import data from T&A to a payroll system.
  2. An export file is generated from the T&A system and manually uploaded to a payroll system.


In some instances, already populated data can be imported from a payroll system, eliminating the need to manually import all the data into the T&A system.

Avazio Specialized Solutions

Our Software features include:

• Induction Expiry Date
• Certificate Expiry Date
• Last HTS test date
• Medical Expiry Date
• License Expiry Date
• Qualification Expiry Date
• Leave Due Date
• Work permit Expiry Date
• Medical Exam Date

Any expiry date can be controlled and can be built in on request.

Avazio Specialized Solutions


Avazio Unique Time Software enables companies to monitor and manage their employee’s attendance and time worked.
Comprehensive Attendance reports
Auto report functionality
SMS / Email notification of exceptions
Online Device monitoring and management


Avazio Unique Time Software enables companies to accurately manage their employee’s attendance, hours worked, overtime taken, leave submitted, and more. The Software takes away many of the manual processes allowing for easy exception management.
Advanced Shift Management, including level control and time control
Schedule Your Shifts / Rostering
Comprehensive reports
Auto report functionality
Leave Management
Pre-loading of Overtime
Clock Management
Export to Payroll


Avazio Unique Time Software manages all Clocking Exceptions on behalf of a business, simply notifying management of when an employee does not clock IN or OUT, works Short hours and even when an employee works unauthorized overtime.
Automated Exception Management
Only shows clocking exceptions
Escalates alerts or sends reminders if not attended to


Avazio Unique Time Software will allow you to manage your access control remotely, creating a secure business premises. We provide secure remotely support depending on VPN access provided.
• Secure Access Control Management
• Time Zones
• Temporary Access Rights
• Smart Access / Access rights altered based on triggers (optional extra)


We will install and configuring your system, diagnosing hardware and software faults, and solving technical and applications problems, either over the phone, remotely or in person.

A service Level Agreement (SLA) options available, so that we can make sure your product is at the best quality and always up to date with the latest technology firmware upgrades.

• Additional Report
• Daily Reports
• Shift Clear Reports
• Gang Make up Reports
• Time Control Not Clocked Yet
• Consecutive Absentee
• Short Shifts, Long Shifts
• Overtime Control
• Covid 19 Pass and Fail
• PPE Allowed Report
• Duration Report
• Clocking Report by date and time stamp

Employee enrolments can be linked to:
1.) Occupation
2.) Org Unit
3.) Per Site
4.) Department

Employee’s authorized clocks are based on the employee parameter and not on the device parameter.
Three shifts can be setup: Morning, Afternoon and Night Shift (Can control split shifts).
Each shift has 50 levels, and each level can be set with 10 open and close times.
On level emergencies our software can handle, shift early start, shift late start, shift emergency open and close options. We can control COVID-19 result findings from the medical system.

Avazio Specialized Solutions
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Avazio Specialized Solutions
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